The Premium Team Shop UPGRADE bundle for BASIC shop owners Includes:

$100 1x Shop UPGRADE Fee 

+ The ability to add 1 new design per month to your shop!

Unlimited Apparel Style Options (Tanks, Tees, Crewnecks, Crop

   Tops, etc)

+ Unlimited Customized event/gift tanks created uniquely for your team (summit,

    retreats, SC gifts, program promos, etc)

+ Password protected RANK ADVANCEMENT shop with your own customized rank

    advancement apparel

+ The ability to GIFT your downline directly from the shop. NO MORE GOING TO THE

    POST OFFICE! Recognize your teammates with a gift and we will even include a

     personalized note with your team logo on it with your gifted package!

+ Discount on all orders for you as the host

+ $15 Referral Bonus for each team you refer that opens a shop!

+ Inventory holding of custom apparel for your Team Shop

+ Honestly---our collaboration together has ENDLESS possibilities! We are here to meet

   your needs!

After you complete your purchase for this upgrade, please email us at to let us know you have upgraded!

Upgrade to a PREMIUM Shop