Your Shop Owner Annual Membership Renewal is $150* and includes:


+ Up to 3 New Custom Apparel Designs: Created uniquely for the launch of your Team Shop!


+ Option of 1 New Custom Design added to your Team Shop each month!


+ Unlimited standard designs added to your Team Shop from our coach, mom, general, event, or product specific lines!


+ Option for customized event, rank, retreat, or gift designs (created uniquely for your team (summit, retreats, SC gifts, program promos, etc)

+ Unlimited Style Options (tanks, tees, sweatshirts, crops, decals, and accessories!)

+ Private Access to a Password protected RANK ADVANCEMENT Shop to purchase general or customized gifts for your downline that they cannot see or purchase!

+ The ability to GIFT your downline directly from the shop. NO MORE GOING TO THE POST OFFICE! Recognize your teammates with a gift and we will even include a personalized note with your team logo on it with your gifted package!

+ Access to special monthly bundles for SC Prizes, New Coach Welcome, New Challenger Welcome, and more!

+ 15% Ongoing Discount on all personal orders for you as the shop owner!**

+ $15 Shop Credit Referral Bonus when you refer other teams who open shops

+ Access to our Private Facebook Community where you’ll hear details on our sales, new products, and exclusive opportunities FIRST. You’ll also have an opportunity to see how other team leaders are utilizing their team shops for rewards & incentives. Group is reserved for Shop Owners Only.

+ Complimentary website-hosting of your Team Shop

+ Complimentary Inventory holding of custom apparel for your Team Shop


*A $150 Annual Membership fee applies for shops that do not meet a shop sales minimum of $100 per month (or the equivalent thereof within one year of shop opening)

** The personal discount applies to one shop owner only for personal orders or gifts to downline (must be billed to shop owner). If you would like to add an additional shop owner, you may do so for $35 and they will receive their own discount code. Please contact us, once your shop fee is paid, with the co-owner name & email, and we will send an Invoice to them.


Shop Owner Annual Membership

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
  • Once you purchase this shop package you will recieve an automatic download with additional instructions on information to provide to us to begin your shop set up. This information you will provide for us will allow us to begin building the foundations of your shop. We will be communicating to you throughout the shop building process and getting your approval for all designs as we move forward and will be sure to create a team shop you adore.

    If you have any questions please contact us at